EL84 SE Verstärker von Josip
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Please, find here in attachment amplifier pictures during test version....
I will send also final version pictures when I will arrange everything in apropriate box...
Amplifier is wonderfull with very nice sound.
Thank you one more time for your assistance...

Next part - loudspeakers... I used for my Project (partly) design from
http://diyaudioprojects.com/Speakers/DelSol/index.htm with little
modification and
different loudspeakers ( efficency 91dB/W/m, 40Hz-20kHz).
Wood plates are from old clothes cabinet found in garage...
The last part will be proper chasis, but now I will be little busy with
my ocupation ( I will be out from home next six weeks).
I will send also on the end final chasis photos.

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